Catherine Slaughter

Proto-Astrophysicist | Scicomm Enthusiast
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Hi! I’m Catherine and I am a Master’s student studying Astronomy Research at Leiden University in Leiden, The Netherlands. After my MSc, I plan to pursue a PhD in Astronomy back in the US. I am dedicated researcher and I love to tackle problems big and small. In general, I describe my research interests as “anything equal or smaller in scale to the Milky Way,” especially when related to the intersection of observational and computational astrophysics. This has included (but is most definitely not limited to) stellar evolution and remnants, ISM, and quantum/atomic astrophysics. That being said, I am still very early in my career, and willing to work on just about anything!

I am passionate about public outreach in STEM and believe that encouraging people to engage with science is an absolutely critical part of being a scientist. I believe in affirmative inclusivity in the sciences, and am always trying to work on personal growth and for institutional change.

Outside of school and research, I am a huge Chicago Cubs fan, ukulele player, and avid hiker!

(Doesn’t every astronomer have too many photos in front of various telescope domes?)