Catherine Slaughter, M.Sc.

Astrophysicist | Scicomm Enthusiast
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Contact Info.


As is true for most, the best way to contact me is through email!

Snail Mail:

While I am pursuing my MSc in the NL, I don’t have a formal office mailing address. Please consider sending me an email instead!


Links to other online forms of contact can be found in the sidebar. You can find me on most social media platforms with the handle @catieslaughts (and on BlueSky as! Please note, however, that these accounts are not intended to be professional. As such, any opinions expressed on them do not represent those of any institutions, employers, or colleagues I am professionally affiliated with.


For the particularly young at heart, my Nintendo Online friend code is SW-7325-4321-5044. My Animal Crossing island has an observatory. I will, however, strongly recommend sticking to email for any time-sensitive communications.