Catherine Slaughter, M.Sc.

Astrophysicist | Scicomm Enthusiast
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I am a firm believer that public education and outreach are a crucial part of scientific work. Outreach helps us to educate, spark an interest in the sciences in young people, and learn how to express ourselves and describe our work to a wide variety of audiences. My outreach work has helped me to understand my research on a more fundamental level, and I am a better scientist for it.

Past Work

Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve Astronomer-in-Residence, June-July 2022

Starting in summer 2022, the AstroTAC group at Boise State (with outreach funding from NASA) is hiring an astronomer-in-residence (analogous to an artist-in-residence) to spend 4 weeks at CISDR doing public outreach work with the community! A great opportunity in a beautiful setting!

Skype a Scientist, 2021-2022

This nonprofit works to connect real scientists with students of all ages for virtual classroom visits, Q and A sessions, and more! Educators can learn more on their website (feel free to search my name)!

Dartmouth College Public Observing, 2018-2021

If you find yourself in Hanover, come stop by on Friday nights when classes are in session to the Department of Physics and Astronomy’s Public Observing sessions! Updates on observing times and scheduling can be found on the Dartmouth PandA PO Instagram account.

Dartmouth ManyMentors, 2019

A penpal and school outreach program! “Making STEM opportunities more visible, valuable, and viable for underrepresented k-12 students in rural Vermont and New Hampshire.” -ManyMentors Website

Mountains of Stars, Summer 2018

A summertime program along the Appalacian Trail in Maine and New Hampshire. Undergraduates work as astronomy and nature guides, connecting people to environmental issues through a common human interest in the stars.

For Educators:

Are you an educator covering physics and/or astronomy and looking for a classroom visit? I’m no Bill Nye, but I love chatting with young people about space, science, and their possible futures in both! Feel free to look up my name on Skype a Scientist. If I’m out of sessions for the year, consider sending me an email. We can do our best to work something out!

Looking to start your students in the sciences? May I reccomend Scratch? This applet, originally created at MIT, was my first introduction to coding, and I still love to play around with it today! Check out some of my old games here!